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Enigmatic rhythms, hot jazzy funk, and captivating melodic motives transport you through multidimensional sonic landscapes. Flowing improvisational grooves and tribal, psychedelic fusion incite your shapeshifting soul to new ecstatic realms of visceral bliss and musical revelation.

Welcome - You have entered the Organic Exploratorium.

ZINDU lays down a grooving blend of tribal funk and psychedelic rock fusion mixed with vocals. Comprised of accomplished musicians who each average over 20+ years of experience, ZINDU is based in San Diego, California. Promoting their 2006 release Shapeshifter, ZINDU is expanding their performance, touring and airplay schedule.

Founded in 2002, the music of ZINDU has metamorphosed through various stages: tribal jazz, funk fusion, jam rock, groove exploration, psychedelic and primal, continually carving new sonic mazes that inspire infused souls to wander and explore. Their music expresses a vitality of melodic and rhythmic impulse, impelling the listener into a vortex of harmonic discovery and imaginative self-revelation. Fueled through a fiery and radical coalition of drums and bass, the journey intensifies with mind-bending interfusions of guitar and keys. The result is a unique hybrid of riveting musical flavors sure to reverberate your soul!

ZINDU has toured the western United States as well as performances in Mexico and Peru.

We would like you to enjoy our music with fresh, unadulterated ears, focusing on the sensory/sensual experience of Uninhibited Sonic Pleasure.

People often ask, So what does Zindu mean anyway?
ZINDU is a state of mind. It is the state of Uninhibited Sonic Pleasure often attained through the power of music.And it is the magical connection when everyone and everything comes together in one place.

Perhaps the fullest experience of music is about discovery as creation. Through music - whether playing, listening or both - we open ourselves like hallowed instruments to the Divine Unconscious seeking ecstatic expression of eternally mysterious realms into our life sphere. In this space we are all healed, for Music unites us all - where the inner and outer worlds meet.

We invite you to meet us there…


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